So it seems like my posts are coming like once a month.. and it’s no longer due to work. They’ve relaxed on our web surfing and with my new position, I’m not too swamped to post/read… I just don’t feel like it. And seeing as though in one month’s span, I’ve only had one real comment (related to the post at hand) I don’t have much of an audience anymore.. so why bother posting anything. (Yes I’m an attention whore and like to have a bunch of comments!!!)

So.. with that said, I’m saying good-bye to blogging. I’ve met a lot of great people through the blogosphere, but now we’ll have to keep in touch in email-land and the real world…

It’s been fun, everyone take care…. I’m out!


Not too much has happened. I’ve been working hard with my jobS and school. The two classes I’m taking ain’t no joke! I knew the one with the paper was going to be tough because I don’t like to write… but my security class…. You know how I said that my group paper was a piece of cake? BS!!! The paper has to be like 100 pages!! And then I have my own 10-20 page paper to write on top of the 35 page paper for the other class. So I’ve been tired as hell!!

I work at the part-time job this weekend, and that’s when I normally write here… but I plan to knock out that 10-20 page paper, so that’s not going to work. They keep giving me these long hiatuses between the weekends I work… I don’t mind cause I don’t want to work back-to-back weekends. But I don’t like working at the beginning of October, and then not again until the end of November. That’s too long of a break and I might forget pertinent information.

I’m in my new position at my full-time gig. It’s not too bad. I’m not on the phones that much. My call intake dropped from like 280 a week to like 70 a week, so I’m definitely not complaining about that! But right now, there’s nothing really going on in my department, so I really have nothing to do. I check my email, but because my friends actually work… I’m kinda bored right now. (knock on wood – cause I don’t want to soon be swamped w/ crap!)

My manager was getting on my last nerve right before I switched positions (3 weeks ago) So I applied for another position. I FINALLY had the interview today. It was some BS. I was supposed to have 3 other interviews but they kept being postponed b/c the dude that would be my manager and his immediate supervisor kept having ish pop up. Well finally he’s able to see me today at 10AM. I get to his desk, he “has to finish up an email really quickly and then he’d be right with me.” He put me in an office and then sent someone else in there to speak with me. I was there for 20 min (and the interview was supposed to be for 30 min!) Then I finally was like, I can’t stay any longer, I have work to do (lying but I rather have been in at my desk than sitting in an office twiddling my thumbs!) When I got back to my desk, dude comes in and apologizes and asks if he could have his last 10 min. So I obliged and reiterated on some things he already told me about the position and told me a few more things. At the end of his 10 min, he tells me that he wants me to meet w/ his supervisor really quickly. I told him I would have to come back. So he made it for 12:30. I see the dude in the hall like 12, and he asks if I can come back right before I leave. I told him yeah… but I’m so not going. They should’ve had their shit together. I don’t have time for foolishness!!

GTL’s birthday was Saturday. His party was Friday night and then we had a more intimate party on his actual birthday. I actually gave him all his gifts early: I took him to see Jay-Z (yes I was one of the lucky people to purchase tickets w/in the 12 min they went on sale! I was online at 11:40 to make sure of it!! LOL) That Sunday, I took him to dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse. I loved the ambiance. The server brings a cart to you and shows you their different types of steaks (raw meat), vegetables, lobster (live)… it was really nice. We came for the steak/seafood special, so she didn’t need to go through her little skit, but I’ve never been to a restaurant that does that, so I let her. LOL. It was nice. And then the last part of his gift was that I paid for the food and drinks at the intimate party.

The big birthday bash was cool. GTL and I both were pissed at first, but then realized there wasn’t much that could be done, so we just made the best of the situation. There were 4 birthday parties going on, only 2 people made an effort to bring people out (GTL and my cousin) since they’re dudes, naturally, all of their homeboys came out. So for the beginning of the night, it was a sausage festival. Jack Daniels was to sponsor the event… they should’ve been there like 10PM – they got there like 11PM and the club didn’t have any JD for them to purchase to give away!!! They had to a liquor store!!! The girls were supposed to be setup upstairs at our party (cause there were 2 going on) but they were setup downstairs and just kept up and down the steps. There was supposed to be an hour of open bar – only 2-4-1 drinks. The dude that we worked everything out with, wasn’t there b/c his mom had passed, and his partner was clueless so there wasn’t much we could do about it. The turnout was decent, but if definitely could’ve been better.

But what took the cake with one of the birthday bitches…. We’ll call her Ann. My drunk ass cousin (birthday boy – he had every right to be as drunk as he was. LOL) was trying to talk to Ann. I say it and intervene and was like “Chill cousin, she got a boyfriend.” And his response as most dudes do, “I don’t give a fuck about her boyfriend!” I had to laugh but then told Ann, don’t worry about dude, that’s my cousin, he’s drunk, but harmless. Do you know this whore told her boyfriend some dude said fuck him?!?!?! But left out the part it was my family. I finds out because the boyfriend was heated (as he should be) and said something to me and was like he was about to go b/c he didn’t want to ruin the party and people were being disrespectful. I had to explain to him that the person he was talking about was my cousin and he had nothing to worry about. Why the fuck would Ann say something to her boyfriend after I told her ass what the deal was?!?!? If something would’ve popped off between boyfriend and my cousin, I would’ve smacked the shit out of Ann because my cousin and I grew up like brothers and sisters (we’re a month and a half a part and our moms are really close) and I would never let any bitch bring any harm to him.

This first year of hosting parties has definitely been a learning experience for GTL and I. I learned more and more about who I can depend on, who expects handouts, pros and cons of working with other people versus by ourselves. I’ll say by summertime next year, we would have worked out most of the kinks and we’ll hopefully will have a great party where when I post about it, my response won’t be “It was a decent party, I had a great time, BUT….”

That’s pretty much it: school, work, part-time work, and partying.

Let’s see… Last day I posted was on my birthday, so let’s start there.


My actual birthday was nice and chill. My co-workers threw me a nice little party at work. They decorated my desk for me and put on a little pot-luck luncheon. After work, GTL cooked for me, and we spent the evening watching my favorite shows. (The week of my birthday was the season premiere for most prime time shows and I was in heaven!!!)


My birthday party was that Friday (the 28th.) I was very beautiful and very drunk!!!

I got my hair dyed (semi-permanently) black. GTL loves it. And my hair looks so healthy with it. As you can tell, I wore all silver (because I was turning a quarter 🙂 ) GTL got the limo for me and my girls and we enjoyed not having to drive and just bugging out on the way down. I don’t really remember much of what happened that night, as I was drunk out of my mind. Every time I turned around, someone else was giving me a Hennessy on the rocks (Thanks KnowOne for that double shot!!!) Over the next week, my friends had to tell me what happened: I was on the mic telling everyone that it was MY birthday and happy birthday to ME. (I totally said fuck you to the other 2 girls that were celebrating their birthday with me. LOL) I was on the dance floor all night. I cursing in the mic… My mother came over to me and told me to stop, I told her I would, and as soon as she turned her back, I was at it again. LOL. I had a freaking blast at my party, only regret – the location. I personally didn’t think it was that far, but apparently some people did. We had a nice turnout, I was just expecting more people to come. Pictures are on the website:

Being a Big Sister

I have a new little sister. As you can remember, the last match just didn’t go well at all. My new little sister is 15. Her name is Tiffany as well. She’s cool. She actually has 2 older sisters, but wanted to sign up because they don’t spend time with her and she apparently likes attention. We hung out once so far. Don’t really talk on the phone that much, which is surprising because I just knew she would call me all the damn time! (no complaints, though) She does well in school, only thing is, she’s VERY opinionated. Don’t get me wrong, I think that it’s great that she can think on her own, but sometimes, she doesn’t know when to keep her opinion to herself. She seems to must have the last word, all the time. Which causes her to get in trouble a lot in school. So I think my goal w/ her will be to learn when to speak up, and when to shut up. LOL


I still love my truck! But right now, I’m missing my truck! Two Fridays ago, I was taking a break and headed to my grandmother’s really quick to pick something up and come right back when going around the curve…. BAM! This bitch comes over the yellow and hits me. Now I saw her coming, so when she was approaching, I attempted to honk my horn and steer away from her, so we didn’t hit head on, just both driver side headlights hit each other. With that impact, my truck was headed to the guardrail on my side of the street so I turned back left and in the process, sideswiped a third vehicle and ended up in the guardrail on the opposite side of the street. Most importantly, I’m not hurt. And trust me, I understand it could’ve been a lot worse and I am VERY THANKFUL that it was not…. BUT! When I hopped out my truck and looked at it. I wanted to cry.


I couldn’t go near the bitch that caused the accident cause I would’ve cursed her out, maybe even hit her ass! The third driver went over to check on her, came back and told me that she fell asleep behind the wheel. WTF?!?! HTF?!?!? She just came around a fucking curve, how the hell she fall asleep so damn fast?? She admitted that to the cops as well, so in the report, it shows that she’s at fault. Her shit is probably totaled.


And so is the other car.


Both of their axels got fucked up. Luckily I have no frame damage… Although my damages come to like $15K, it’s not totaled. 🙂 But I will be without it for AT LEAST a month. They told me not to look for it before Thanksgiving. ***SIGH***

Marathon / Morgan’s Homecoming

Last weekend was Morgan’s Homecoming… and also the Baltimore Marathon. My Twin and my TE ran in the Baltimore Marathon Saturday morning to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


They joined about 14,000 people in this race. Some ran 26 miles, they ran 13 miles.


I went down to support them. I saw them start and finish the race. And in between my brother (Twin’s boyfriend) and I walked the harbor trying to figure out where to eat, and then finally decided on a spot in Power Plant Live.

That night, GTL and I went to Houlihan’s for what will be an annual dinner and drinks with Organized Noise and whatever Baltimore/DC bloggers may want to attend. This year’s group was smaller than last year’s, but we still had a great time. We had the same bartender as last year, and GTL, Organized Noise, TE, Honey-Libra, Friend of Honey-Libra, and I ate well and drank plenty!


Next party on the agenda… GTL’s birthday. It’s going to be on Friday, November 16th. Don’t my baby look cute? All GQ, with a little thug in him! LMAO!!!

I start school next week. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not looking forward to it. I’m taking two classes. The one is an independent learning course (because they weren’t offering the course that I needed) I knew I was going to have to write a paper… but damn I ain’t expect it to be like this!! I have to write a 35-page-minimum paper… and have a 20 minute presentation to go along with it. BS!!! My other course should be able to prepare me for a certification (that I don’t want! LOL) with quizzes, and exam, a paper, and presentation. Luckily, this paper/presentation is a group project, so I won’t be too swamped! Wish me luck ya’ll, I’m trying to graduate w/ a 4.0, but these classes may fuck that up!

Sorry to report… my blog reading/writing will continue to be far and few in between. My job is TRIPPING about our internet usage. It’s OK to check our email from time to time. But we can’t leave the web open all day long, and we can’t go to non-email/non-work-related websites. When I get home, I don’t want to be bothered with the computer because I have to look at it all day while at work!

Which reminds me, I’m getting a little promotion 🙂 One of our leads is going to another department and I’ll be taking over… that’s great for me because I get off the phones!!!!!

I think I filled you guys in on everything. I read the most recent post for you guys this weekend… I miss reading you guys!!! **SIGH** OK, good-bye.

No I’m not still wasted… LOL… BUT….


….I am alive. I have no time at home to post anything.. and my job trips if we go to any non-email/work-related websites.. so I can’t blog. I can’t read any blogs… I miss you guys.

My birthday was great… Things have been going OK… I work at the part-time gig this weekend, so I’ll update w/ all that’s happened over the last 3 weeks.

Today’s my birthday…

That’s all for today.. I’ll come back tomorrow and tell ya’ll about my day 🙂

Real quick, before I go into why I hate people.. Ladynay, GTL is fine. Thanks for asking 🙂

I have a serious attitude today. And it’s crazy cause when I first walked in this morning, I felt fine. People have just irked the ish out of me and I just want to go home!

• I have a mentor at work, because my ultimate goal on this contract is to work in her department (I can’t do helpdesk forever!) So one day back in July, working w/ my mentor, she mentions to me, that one of the people in the dept would be taking a Leave of Absence b/c he’s been called to detail. They’re not going to bother getting a temp, they’re going to take different people from different departments to work 2 weeks at a time. As soon as I learned of this, I told her and my manager that I was interested and to please keep me in mind when that time came. Well, that time is here, and someone else from my department is over there! No one has said anything to me about it. At first, I just thought my manager wasn’t trying to let anyone go, but obviously that’s not the case! I’m so pissed!

• Our phones have been non-stop ringing with the most retardedest (and I know that’s not word! LOL) people possible. I know everyone is not computer savvy, I don’t expect you to be. All you have to do is LISTEN and follow directions. I swear I need a government job… I hope I never need Medicare. Because if the people I talk to are the people that handle it…. Geesh!

• My birthday is next Tuesday. You know T&J Promotions will be throwing be a big bash! But I have to promote for the event… just like I do for EVERY event. My “street team” is letting me down. They’re not available to go out with me when I need them to be.. it’s pissing me the hell off! I’m like, this is MY BIRTHDAY PARTY… not just some random party. Why don’t they realize that they’re needed more for this event, than any past event that they helped me out for? I’ve had my flyers for almost a month now, you’d think more would be gone! I need a new street team. People I can depend on… Oh yeah! I CANT depend on anyone!!! Fuckers!! If I were a dude, I’d be out there w/o them. But Baltimore is too crazy for me to go anywhere at night solo.

• I told ya’ll GTL was getting me a limo for me and my girls to ride down to the party… I talked to some people before hand about it, and they were all gung ho about riding… I sent out an evite, just to express the importance of timeliness so no one gets left (cause I will leave them! And won’t think twice about it) Well some of those people that “said” they were riding, have yet to RSVP “yes.” And I know their asses probably think they’re still riding… They’re going to get their feelings hurt if they show up!! I’m gonna tell them there’s no room. Matter of fact… there won’t be any room, cause I’ll get someone else to ride in the bitch to make sure!

• I’m usually late everyday I come to work. That’s nothing new. LOL. I’m never more than 10-15 min late, and I always make up my time, and I do more work during my shift then a few people combined! So why does he constantly bitch when I’m late? Today I was 20 min, but because I had to pick up cake for someone in my dept celebrating their birthday (remember, I’m the coordinator?) Anyway.. the market I go to is ALWAYS slow. I’m ALWAYS late when I go get the cake… even if I leave my house early… they’re just SLOW. But the cake is good, so I continue to go back. And they wonder why I’m going to stop doing birthdays at the end of Oct? HMPH!!

OK… I’m done bitching. I thought that would make me feel better… but it didn’t. Oh! I know what will… talking about my birthday 🙂 I’m actually celebrating three weekends in a row. Last weekend was celebration part 2 (getting drunk at the bar, early in the morning.) This weekend is part 2. If you’re in town, and have nothing to do… come through!


So for whatever reason.. WordPress is not trying to show my flyer… If you really want to see it, just send me an email.

I’ve been a little busy lately. So much has happened since I’ve last post. Here’s a quick rundown:

• My last weekend at the part-time, I got stuck working a double 8AM-12AM. They better not ask me to work a 12-hour shift EVER again, cause I aint’ doing it!!!

• My aunt passed. I’m good. She was sick all summer, so it was kinda expected. My grandmother is taking it rather hard though b/c she’s now the last in her family.

• My aunt’s family is trifling! They seemed to only care about what was left for them after she passed. My aunt was too nice to them and they took her kindness for weakness. They though my grandmother would be the same way, but she was time enough for their asses and take no mess from them. I thought I was gonna have to get ugly on them (if they disrespected my grandmother) but they didn’t

• I went out Friday to promote for my party.. why they started fighting? I haven’t been out somewhere and people were fighting in like forever!! I kindly left and was like, I don’t want that type of crowd at my party!! What’s even crazier is that the promoter was trying to fight too! And we were thinking about doing business w/ him. When I saw him chasing a dude down the street, I kindly changed my mind about working w/ his ass!

• I started my birthday celebration this past weekend. We did another “experiment” (Going to the bar at 10 o’clock in the morning) That was a lot of fun. Only bad thing about our “experiments” is that the rest of the day is shot!! You’re sleep by 6ish and don’t wake up until the next day.

• I decided not to take the other job. Actually… I never interviewed for it. The manager never hooked up with me to show me what I needed to know, and I’m like, I’m not in NEED of a new position.. so I’ll stick where I’m at. I’m about to get a $5K raise anyway (in like 2 more weeks.) And then in another 3 months or so, I’ll be getting another raise! I’m getting off the phones more too. So I can’t really complain about my current situation.

• I’ve really been having a ball w/ Photoshop!!

• I miss you guys… I think the issue w/ our web access has died down a bit.. So I think I’ll be around soon 🙂 Gradually, though….

I think that pretty much covers the gist of what’s been going on with me….

This week was a little quiet. Not too, too much happened.

Monday, we had our “Sunday Dinner” at Cactus Willies because GTL has never been there, and their steaks are only the best! It was cool. We had a good time. One of our friends even celebrated their birthday. LMAO

This was the funniest thing ever! Me and the “birthday girl” was away from the table when they decided to play the prank on her. She was sooo pissed! After they got done singing, she got up and left. Fucking classic! She would be extremely pissed if she knew I posted it on my blog, I mean, it’s already bad enough that it’s on You Tube. LMAO.

The middle of the week was pretty quiet. Last night T&J Promotions hosted a “Ladies Night” at Xpose to help support my Twin with her marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. (Well, actually it was her thing, but T&J Promotions goes on EVERYTHING! LOL) That was cool. We had a cocktail hour (drinks and snacks) and then we had a floor/chair class, followed by a pole class. These classes were more fun than exercise-like. Why my mom was able to climb the pole?!?!?! I was shocked, proud, and jealous all at the same time! LOL. It was fun, but I think probably could’ve been better. A lot of the ladies there, never been, so they were acting really silly when doing some of the moves. I was actually thinking about doing this for a part of my birthday celebration, but I change my mind. I’ll attend one, but I wouldn’t host one.

So… I’ve been with my company a year and a month now. I still love my job and the people I work with, but I’m starting to feel kinda “ehh” about my job (ehh = not really bored, not really burnt out, just ready for a change.) So I’ve been talking w/ another manager on the contract, and pretty much, once I teach myself a few simple steps, I do well on the interview, I basically can have the position of Assistant Blackberry Specialist. It’s something I wouldn’t mind doing. It’s definitely something different than what I’m doing now, the pay is better, and I could take that position and damn near go to any large corporation. I feel really confident that I would get the position, hands down.

Only problem is my current boss. He loves me. And why wouldn’t he? I’m very good at what I do… I know my shit. Plus I volunteer for a bunch of work, that no one else cares to do, and my stats never drop in the process. He’s not going to want to let me go. He’s actually in the process of trying to get me more money (not sure how much though!) But because I do so much, he believes I deserve more money…. And I didn’t even have to bring it to his attention 🙂

I figure like this, if God feels as though the Blackberry position is for me, and that’s in my path, then I will get the job and my current manager will not be rude and try to keep me. If it’s in His will to stay in my current position a little longer, either I won’t get the job, or I’ll get it, but not be able to go (cause my boss doesn’t authorize it.) Keep me in ya’ll prayers that whatever should be, will come to pass.

I’m working this weekend as well. So of course no real plans… GTL and I have a cookout to attend when I get off of work today. Tomorrow night we have a hot date! LOL. Dinner and dancing (or clubbing.) A friend of mine has a party going on that we’re going to go to… show some love (can’t expect to get any if we don’t show any.) And then Monday, I’m off (thank goodness!) And me and the crew will be going swimming.

Flyers for my birthday party are designed. I should get the hard copies like Wed (kinda disappointed we couldn’t have them for this weekend, cause there are SOOO many parties going on that we could’ve hit up) but it’s all good. I have them up on our website and myspace page… so check them out, cause your girl is on it 🙂 Only thing… the final files are so huge, I couldn’t upload them, so the ones online are a draft (my legs look kinda crazy – if you stare at them. LOL)

I think that’s it w/ me. Let me go catch up on what’s good with ya’ll! “See” ya next weekend 🙂

So I’m a month away from birthday. I’m so excited, that’s all I can think about (well that, and Vegas.) But, I’m going to be 25 this year. And I’m having a big bash. A few bloggers are coming through, which I really appreciate. GTL is getting me and my girls a limo so we can all get WASTED and not have to worry about driving. I can’t wait! I got Photoshop so I’ve been having a ball making my flyers. I’m debating how many I want printed up. When we were working with another group, we had 5000, but we split them and we had 2500 to get rid of.. and that was a hard task to do! Now it’s just us. I’m thinking we should stick w/ the 2500, but there’s not much of a difference price wise for double the amount. My thinking is that for every 100 flyers, at least 1 person will come. Most of guests are on our email chain. The purposes of the flyers are to grab those few friends we see out on the street (who’s emails we don’t have) and to get our name out to the general public. I dunno.

My first payment for my truck is coming up. I still smile about having it. I can’t believe I got my “dream truck.” LOL. And it’s actually not that bad on gas. Yes it’s definitely more to fill it up. But a full tank of gas lasts me an entire week. Actually LAST Wed, I filled up. I didn’t get gas again until yesterday (and I wasn’t even on E)

GTL is holding up pretty well w/ his lost. Thanks for your kind words. He keeps himself busy as to try not to think about it. But when he’s alone, it kind of hits sometimes, as it will do. In time, he’ll be fine.

Last weekend was our 3 year anniversary. We didn’t celebrate though b/c last weekend was also the funeral. We just spent time together. I wish we could’ve done more, but it was probably a blessing ($$) that we didn’t. We love each other, and we know it (we wouldn’t have made it through 3 years if we didn’t.)

I’m enjoying my break off from school, but am not looking forward to taking 2 courses at once. But I gotta do what I gotta do. I’ll be graduating in the fall so, I gotta make it work. I’ll be glad when May 2008 comes!!! I’m so not a fan of school. But I am a fan of the $$$ that it will bring 🙂

I was thinking about changing positions at my job. But the manager didn’t give me ALL the details of the position. When I talked to the lead of the position, he explained further what it entailed, I passed. Right now, I volunteer for so much work to keep me from talking to retarded people on the phones, that my boss had no choice to get me a pay increase… and not just the normal 3-5% increase. I’m still awaiting the actual amount, but I figure I can stick it out a little longer. Our contact will be up shortly, I’m not too sure if we’re going to get renewed (cause something is ALWAYS going down.) We’ll see. So I don’t want to move around too much and then get the boot if the contract doesn’t get renewed.

I’m excited about Vegas, so much so that I’m having dreams about how the days are going to go when there. LOL. I don’t know why though.. this is only my 4th time going. Although this time I will be visiting the Grand Canyon. I might not gamble at all this go round. It won’t be as many of us this time, but it should still be a lot of fun. One of GTL’s homeboy’s and my cousin are going. So we’ll hang out. I’m sure how much of a gambler the homeboy is.. I know my cousin likes roulette. But they can gamble together while GTL and I site-see. He still hasn’t seen my favorite hotel, so that will be on day 1’s agenda.

I need to get my automatic starter put into my truck (before winter hits!) I have 2 options. Darius 1 and Darius 2. Darius 1 is my girl’s boyfriend (or something like that.) He does good work, but it takes him a long time. And he’s not always available when I need him to be, only on the weekend for real. Darius 2 is GTL’s homeboy… he does excellent work, fast… but I don’t like him! We haven’t been on speaking terms for going on a year now. This isn’t the first time we had a falling out, but it will be the last, cause I don’t have shit to say to him, nor will I ever. Either option, I’m going to pay them (not as much as I would pay Best Buy) but I wouldn’t expect them to do it for free. Do you think it would be wrong of me to get GTL to ask Darius 2 to put it in for me? LOL (Cause I ain’t asking him!!)

I’m so ready to quit my part-time. I keep saying that. But the money is so good and really comes in handy at times. I’m not going to quit (not yet anyways) I’m just ready to!! I can come up w/ a host of things I can do from 8AM to 4PM on Sat and Sun.

Why is that when most chicks get boyfriends, they forget about their girlfriends? I really hate that.. cause whenever dude messes up or ya’ll are over… who do you running to? Those friends you cut off. My one girlfriend, I’ve grown to expect it from, but it’s getting a little old. I’m thinking of not being available whenever she has problems w/ dude. I’ve always made it a point to keep my friends a part of my life whenever I got a new boyfriend. Phone/email/face-to-face… whatever… they never got the back burner b/c I added someone to my life. That’s just wrong.

Since I can’t really post like that anymore (not like I was really posting anyway! LOL) but I’m going to make my posts a little longer than usual, just so I can keep you all caught up with me. But there’s nothing really going on with me right now. A bunch of little things, but nothing major. So I guess this is it… until next weekend. Have a good week, and those that have started (or are about to start) school… good luck w/ your classes.

August was planned to be a busy month for me from the get-go. And so far it has been…

Two Fridays ago, I attended a crab feast. That was a lot of fun. Unlimited food, unlimited crabs, and open bar… That’s my kind of party! The crabs weren’t as good as they usually are, but nonetheless we had a good time. We left there at 1AM to go place flyers on people’s cars at this one club for our party the next week.

That whole weekend was pretty much spent handing out flyers for our party. Although, I did find out a received another A in school 🙂

Wednesday, me and my girl went to go see Beyonce. NO, I did NOT pay $200 to see that chick… although after her performance, I wouldn’t have been mad if I did. I always liked B. I mean, her last CD definitely keeps me partying hard in the club… but her performance… OMG. I think I love her. LOL. She did extremely well. She danced, she SANG (and I mean she REALLY sang) – you could feel her emotion in her voice and performance. Robin Thicke did the damn thing too. I guess he was just nervous at the BET Music Awards, cause he was great!

Friday was the actual party. It was hell trying to get to the date, but as always, all paid off in the end. A lot of people came out. They (we) all partied hard. (Pictures are up )

So after a long night Friday, I was up nice and early Saturday to go on a bus trip to Atlantic City. No I didn’t win anything.. .I didn’t even play anything. I never win, so I figured, why bother? GTL and I just shopped and walked the boardwalk.

Yesterday started off as a very chill day. I did absolutely nothing until about 4PM. Then I had a late lunch with one of my girlfriends, and then as I was uploading the pictures from Friday, I received a phone call from GTL. His brother had been shot and he wasn’t doing well. We rushed down to Johns Hopkins… what should’ve taken us close to 40 min, took us 20! By the time we had made it up to the floor where he was, his brother had passed. We’re still unclear on the details of what happened, but preliminary investigation appears that it was a carjacking gone bad. He was shot in the stomach, the bullet went through and punctured a lung and they had to remove it. We were in the hospital for hours waiting for various family members to make it there. I got to bed about 3AM and had to be up this morning to come in to work. I wanted to call out, but (1) I really don’t have the time and (2) Mondays on a help desk are ridiculous, and one person is already out on vacation. Usually it’s just the mornings that are hectic, so hopefully it will die down this afternoon and I can leave early. If you know GTL.. please DO NOT call. Just keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. I sent a text out yesterday to a few people. Many adhered to my request as to not call him.. but you know black people have to be hardheaded and some called… they either got me or the VM… and that’s what you will continue to get until he’s ready to talk… and they were close so it won’t be anytime soon. UPDATE: Here’s the article about GTL’s brother. It’s the first story.

My job is currently trying to crack down on non-work related Internet use. So I won’t be able to check you guys out that often for a while.. until this nonsense pipes down anyway. I’m not due to be at my part-time job until the 25th, so hopefully I’ll be able to use the Internet again like I want before then, if not, I’ll just catch up with you guys then (I’m not online at home like that!)

So that’s it over here. I hope that all is well with you guys.. I miss you 🙂